KoupKart Universal Smart Device Holder For Grocery Carts

Pre-Order November  12th

Better organize your shopping trip, entertain the kids, save $$$, coupon like a pro. KoupKart, Organize your Shopping Trip!


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Helping Retailers

Track shopping patterns, clear stubborn inventory, grow technologically with your customers, place digital ad space convinently in front of customers.


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Point of sale advertising opportunities, clear stubborn inventory, smart digital couponing, track shopping patterns, access real time shopping data

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Save Time and Money  -  Organize Your Trip                            Entertain the Kids   -  Coupon Like a Pro

Helping Consumers

Helping Manufacturers

What is a KoupKart

The KoupKart universal smart device holder for grocery carts is a device that helps people utilize their smart devices more effectively while physically shopping at a store. The KoupKart universally clips onto the handle bar of a grocery cart so shoppers can place devices of all sizes at their fingertips.

How To Use

Simply open the clip and attach to the handle bar of your shopping cart. Find your prefered angle, insert the smart device or item of your choice, and start shopping!